College Students Impacted by Food Insecurity

Food Pantry Beans

As students return to school for the 2019 spring semester, it is important to continue to bring awareness to the growing impacts of food insecurity on college campuses. With awareness comes power because it means that colleges and universities can begin to address the issues of food insecurity among students and find solutions. The United States Accountability Office released a report on Wednesday, January 9th called “Food Insecurity: Better Information Could Help Eligible College Students Access Federal Food Assistance Benefits” that sheds some light on the demographics of students struggling with hunger in college and the effects of food insecurity on those students. This comprehensive report is a must read for individuals in a position within universities to create positive change and provide more assistance and resources for students in need. An article featured on called “Federal Report Agrees Some Low-Income College Students Are Going Hungry” is also a great source for those wanting to learn more about the data behind college students and food insecurity, and the article does a good job of summarizing the United States Accountability Office’s report. Throughout the 2019 spring semester, the SHOP Food Pantry looks forward to the strides we will make both as an organization and in partnership with the Iowa State University community towards combating food insecurity!


Food Pantry Beans. Digital Image. JBER. 19 Nov 2018.

Students can donate to The SHOP Food Pantry!

 Students can donate to The SHOP Food Pantry!

Snack BoxesUtilize your extra dining dollars at the end of the semester to ensure none go to waste! The SHOP Food Pantry cannot except dining dollars directly, but students can use their dining dollars to purchase non-perishable food and toiletries to then donate to The SHOP. Some great places to shop with your dining dollars include the MU Market & Cafe, the East Side Market, the West Side Market, and the South Side Market.


 Donations can be dropped off in the main office of the Food Sciences Building room 2312 or in The SHOP Food Pantry, also located in the Food Sciences Building room 2616. The main office of the Food Sciences Building is open Monday-Friday 8 am – 5 pm. The SHOP Food Pantry is open Tuesday and Thursday 3 pm – 6 pm and Wednesday 11 am – 6 pm.

Get Involved with The Shop!

The S.H.O.P. Food Pantry is OPEN for the spring 2017 semester!!!

All students and staff are welcome to stop by and pick-up free food. Our volunteers do not ask for any identification when you come in, and we provide bags to carry your food home.

The SHOP 02_13_17
A look inside The Shop Food Pantry located in 2616 Food Science Building

Check out the ‘Volunteer’ tab to learn more!

The SHOP featured in the Iowa State Daily

Photo by: Iowa State Daily
                      Photo by: Unknown                        Jessica Schaumburg, president, and Abby Rubsam, volunteer, organize some donations in this  Iowa State Daily picture.


The SHOP was recently written about by Michaela Ramm of the Iowa State Daily.


The article featured quotes from various members of the executive board and went into detail about how the SHOP can help students.


This should hopefully help Students Helping Our Peers become known to more students on campus!


Make sure to check out the article over on to see how the SHOP is being represented on campus.

Fall 2014 Mobile SHOP Event = Success!

Our fall 2014 Mobile SHOP event was a HUGE success!!!

Thank you to everyone who came out to Frederiksen Court and made our event possible 🙂

Fall 2014 Mobile SHOP
Photo by: ISU Student
Fall 2014 Mobile SHOP volunteers feature The SHOP’s free, fall-themed food bags offered to all ISU students at the Frederiksen Court Community Center.








Fall 2014 Mobile SHOP #2
Photo by: Kirsten Mancosky
Mobile SHOP volunteers gather around the table displaying free fall-themed food bags, Halloween candy, SHOP bracelets and food ingredients provided in each bag.











Fall 2014 Mobile SHOP #3
Photo by: Kirsten Mancosky
Mobile SHOP’s fall-themed food bags contained ingredients to make red or white chili, cornbread and pumpkin pie.


Mobile SHOP Featured in ISU Daily

Spring 2014 Mobile SHOP Volunteers
Photo by: Unknown
Spring 2014 Mobile SHOP volunteers pose for a quick photo in their new SHOP t-shirts. This fall, SHOP volunteers will be handing out free, fall-themed food bags at the Frederiksen Court Community Center. 


Our fall 2014 Mobile SHOP was recently featured in an article written by Jasmine Schillinger, writer for the Iowa State Daily.

Mobile SHOP will be held on Wednesday, October 29th from 3-6pm at the Frederiksen Court Community Center. SHOP volunteers will be handing out FREE, pre-packaged, fall-themed food bags including chili ingredients, apple cider packets as well as a side and dessert.

Interested in learning more? Check out Jasmine’s article:


SHOP Featured in 2014 STARS Annual Review

SHOP in 2014 STARS Annual Review
Photo by: Unknown
The SHOP was recently featured in the 2014 STARS Annual Review as one of 68 universities that received a “gold” rating for their on-campus sustainability efforts.


We are so proud of everything that you do/have done to make The SHOP such wonderful organization dedicated to ensuring food security for students on the Iowa State University campus.

The SHOP was recently featured as one of only 68 U.S. institutions in the 2014 STARS Annual Review who received a “gold” rating for their campus sustainability efforts.

The Sustainability Tracking Assessment & Rating System (STARS) is a framework developed by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) for colleges and universities nationwide to earn points for achieving sustainable practices. Based on point total, STARS participants are given one of the following rankings: bronze, silver, gold or platinum and are featured in their annual review. The SHOP’s rating will only be valid for three years, but the accomplishments, successes and legacy of our organization will continue to live on!

Check out The SHOP’s section here (pg. 71):


An Update From Our President: Spring 2014 Recap, Upcoming Fall 2014

Just in case you didn’t see The SHOP President’s (Kirsten Mancosky) e-mail, check this out!

Hi SHOP members!

I hope your summer has started out well! The spring semester was an incredible success, so I thought a recap was in order of the most notable accomplishments, and there are also some exciting things to look forward to for the fall. (Bear with me on the length, I apologize in advance. There’s just so much great information!)