An Update From Our President: Spring 2014 Recap, Upcoming Fall 2014

  • Box-Giveaway Promotional Day: We had a noticeable increase in students coming to The SHOP since the box giveaway! Let’s continue this trend to make our prevalence on campus more known!
  • Publicity Items: New t-shirts were made, and we ordered a new promo item: SHOP silicone bracelets!
  • Committee Development: Committees were created for Publicity, Inventory, and Mobile SHOP  for members to become more involved in promoting the SHOP.
  • Mobile SHOP: Big changes were made for our third time of this event. It was held at Fredrickson Court on a Wednesday, and it was very successful as we gave away 50 bags of food! 


  • Lunch Hours: We will have a trial run of being open over lunch hours (~11am-2pm) on Wednesdays. We will need available volunteers for those hours and your help getting the word out!
  • Cyclone Market: This is a new event held on Family Weekend that we were asked a be a part of. The idea is similar to a farmer’s market and the thought is to sell foods that can be made from items that could be found in the SHOP. If you have ideas of foods to make or use, you can reply to me!
  • Chopped! Event: The Culinary Science & Food Science Clubs are teaming up with us for a fun event of developing meals with food found in the SHOP! If you want to be a part of planning, please reply to me. More information will be released about signing up your own team.
  • ClubFest: Mark your calendar to help out on September 3, 10:30-4:30.

Be sure to get your own t-shirt and bracelet! And we would love to have you be part of a committee!

You made it to the end, thank you! Please shoot any questions my way, and keep in contact during the summer!