Executive Board


Belinda Heckman

  • Major: Global Resource Systems and Dietetics
  • Year in School: Junior
  • Fun Fact: I have never seen Harry Potter or read the books.
  • Why did you join SHOP?: As my interests have been shaped by my experiences in college, I have grown to understand and appreciate the importance and challenges of food security. I have traveled to parts of the world which we commonly associate with food insecurity and after those experiences have become more aware of need in our community. 
  • Email: bheckman@iastate.edu

Vice President

Caroline Stokes

  • Major: Microbiology and Genetics Major
  • Year in school: Sophomore
  • Fun Fact: I drink my milk with ice in it
  • Why did you join SHOP?: Lack of hunger is something that I know I take for granted. I have never had to experience the distraction of hunger or not knowing where my next meal will come from. I love that the SHOP is a resource for anyone and everyone, and it has provided me a way to give back to my community.
  • Email: cmstokes@iastate.edu


Kelsey Riemenschneider

  • Major: Dietetics
  • Year in school: Junior
  • Fun fact: I studied abroad in New Zealand for a semester!
  • Why did you join SHOP?: I joined SHOP to help my peers facing food insecurity and decrease the stigma around the issue. By increasing awareness of SHOP and all that it offers, I hope to encourage everyone in need to take advantage of our services in order to decrease the prevalent issue of food insecurity in our community.
  • Email: kelsey07@iastate.edu


Kathryn Post

  • Major: Culinary Food Science
  • Year in School: Sophomore
  • Fun Fact: I have 5 cats at home
  • Why did you join SHOP?: I understand how much food insecurity can impact families and how much it impacts college students. Since I’m at a place where I have food readily available, I want to do my part to give back to those who need the help. I want conversations about food security and insecurity to be fair, unashamed ground. But I believe it is my task to create that ground to talk on. 
  • Email: kathrynp@iastate.edu

Volunteer Coordinator

Claire Groth

  • Major: Biology
  • Year in School: Junior
  • Fun fact: Manatees are my favorite animal!
  • Why did you join SHOP?: I joined SHOP because I liked their goal to help reduce food insecurity on campus and I wanted to do my part to help.  
  • Email: cmgroth@iastate.edu

Inventory Coordinators

Rachel McKern

  • Major: Microbiology
  • Year in School: Freshman
  •  Fun fact: My dream is to drive the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile
  • Why did you join SHOP?: I joined the SHOP because I believe everyone deserves the same opportunities to succeed here at ISU, and food insecurity can hinder a person’s ability to reach their potential. By helping prevent food insecurity, I am advocating for equal opportunity for all.
  • Email: rkmckern@iastate.edu

Kimberly Chew

  • Major: Dietetics
  • Year in school: Junior
  • Why did you join SHOP?: I joined the SHOP is because I strive to be part of the reason in fighting food insecurity. By being one of the inventory coordinators, it also allows me to have hands-on experience in ensuring everyone is well-fed! 
  • Email: kcchew@iastate.edu

Marketing Chair and Webmaster

Drew Daly

  • Major: Industrial Design
  • Year in School: Sophomore
  • Fun Fact: I have two fake front teeth.
  • Why did you join SHOP?: I joined SHOP because I want to help as many students as I can. Food security should not have to be a problem when you are trying to get an education. I want to do my best to make sure that getting food on the table is not a concern when you are also working on classes.
  • Email: dmdaly@iastate.edu


Breanna Wetzler

Breanna Wetzler is a communication specialist in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) at Iowa State University in Ames, IA. In this role, she helps lead communication activities as a member of the Student Services team for prospective and current students through print, web, and social media. In her spare time, she likes to quilt/sew, read, watch movies, attend live theater, and cheer on the Cyclones.

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